Caring about your swimwear!

Caring about your swimwear!

You buy your favorite new swimwear this Summer and want it to last through many Summers, right? So, let's see how you can better take care of it!

  • After every use, rinse your swimwear in clean cold water
  • Lightly remove excess water
  • Do not roll up wet or store wet and do not leave it wrapped in a towel
  • After rinsing your swimwear thoroughly after every use, dry flat in shade and avoid direct sunlight
  • Do not machine wash, bleach, soak, dry clean or iron your swimsuit (you really want it to last long, right?)
  • You know that suntan oil lotion that you love? Just be careful, as they can damage the elasticity and fabric of your swimwear
  • Avoid pools and spas treated with harsh chemicals (or if not possible, remember to rinse in clean water ASAP)
  • It is important to avoid rough surfaces and jewelry that can damage your swimwear. We know, everybody likes to wear a nice ring and bracelets, so, just be aware!
  • And for the last, enjoy your new favorite swimwear and tag your photo on Instagram and Facebook (@beachloverbikini)!

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