Swimwear Fashion - a snapshot of the bikini history

Swimwear Fashion - a snapshot of the bikini history

Hello mermaids,

After a few weeks break, in today's post we learn in a snapshot some curiosities about women's fashion that needed to break taboos and shock society so that all women could go to the beach with the bikini they preferred.

The beginning of swimwear

Only in the 18th century did sea bathing become a social habit. Initially, women entered the sea with two pieces: dress and pants to hide the body. At the beginning of the 20th century, bathing suits gained more comfortable patterns. The jumpsuits with shorts were complemented with accessories, such as shoes, belts, scarves and caps.

In the 1930s, synthetic yarns were created and allowed the production of swimsuits / one pieces. The lengths were shortened and the legs began to be displayed on the beaches.

First bikini in Brazil

In Brazil, the first woman to wear a bikini was the German artist Miriam Etz, who wore it to go to Praia do Arpoador, in Rio de Janeiro, in 1948. After that, in the 50s, the bikini was popularized on Brazilian beaches.

We have since years ago women trying to express themselves and swimwear is a form of expression. And Beach Lovers always believe that, no matter your body type: swimwear is for everybody and every body.


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