Sustainability in fashion

We do love fashion and renovating the wardrobe! But, with a growing population around the world, we can have the environment and human rights highly damaged, so that's why it's essential to source good partners, suppliers, products and manufacture, and here at Beach Lovers, we are working hard to source only the best partners and suppliers, who respect our beautiful planet and people. It's a complex industry, and we should all learn how we can be more sustainable. 

The fabrics:

Fluity -(CO2)®  - this fabric is absolutely amazing. UPF 50+, produced with reused water and it has no toxic products to your skin. With an amazing feel to touch, it's made with biodegradable polyamide, controls the odor (which is awesome, as you don't have to wash it so often or iron it, helping to reduce electricity and  water :) ). Super easy care!

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- Trilobal polyamide - It's the Classic Bright Nylon, with a perfect balance between lightness and elasticity with heaps of comfort. It's a  resistant fabric, more than 5 times longer than your average chlorine-resistant spandex. Fiber breakage can cause fabric breakdown very quickly., but our swimwear garments using Xtra Life LYCRA® Fiber have a much higher durability, even after 240 hours of exposure.

- LycraSince its invention over sixty years ago, LYCRA® fiber set the standard as the world’s best-known spandex fiber brand. Lightweight and nearly invisible, LYCRA® fiber became the active ingredient in our clothes and revolutionized the way we wore them. It transforms our swimwear into better fitting, durable, that move with our bodies, delivering fit, shape and comfort that lasts. Day after day. Wash after wash. Run after run. Swim after swim.

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